The Ministry for Inclusion, Voluntary Organisations and Consumer Rights strives to promote the interests of voluntary organizations, persons with disabilities, and consumer rights in Malta. 

Our vision is to encourage an inclusive social sphere where abilities are at the forefront, and the ministry’s mission is to strengthen a comprehensive society where every individual is challenged and nurtured. 

The ministry actively engages with all stakeholders to ensure that the needs and ambitions of people with different abilities are met. As part of this effort, the ministry adopts policies that respect diversity, integrity and promote quality of life. 

The ministry also promotes and encourages participation in voluntary associations, as well as strengthens the socio-economic pillar of volunteering. At the same time, the ministry is committed to safeguarding the rights of Maltese and Gozitan consumers. 

The ministry firmly believes that the objectives of its mission can be achieved through active discussion with interested parties, as the ministry works towards an inclusive society where policies and initiatives are the tools that lead to social change.