Online Applications for Enlistment and Registration of Enrolment (Full Enrolment)

Voluntary Organisations can apply online for registration of enrolment with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations.

Applying for Registration of Enrolment (Full Enrolment)

Click here​ to apply for Registration of Enrolment.

Applying for Enlistment

Those Voluntary Organisations generating a Gross Annual Income of less than €5,000 are not obliged to fully enrol with this office. Instead, they are obliged to inform the Commissioner of their existence under the Second Register by clicking here to download the respective form. Voluntary organisations under the Second Register ​cannot​​ apply for Government or EU Funds.

For further assistance call on 25687269 or send an email to: Those administrators who need manual help to fill in the online application, are requested to go to the:

  • Malta Council for Voluntary Sector (MCVS)
  • or in case of Gozo VOs they can visit the Gozo NGO Centre Administration or the MCVS in Gharb.