Service Information

The office of the CVO started functioning early in 2008. Its first task was to start the process of setting up the register of voluntary organisations as stipulated by law. An application form was drawn up for this purpose together with notes intended to aid organisations to fill it in (see below).

Although VOs are not legally obliged to enrol with the Office of the CVO, enrolment is important and beneficial since through registration organisations qualify for a number of benefits which are not otherwise available to them. In the first place, the certificate issued by this office certifies the organisation officially as a bona fide ‘voluntary’. Besides, registered organisations may benefit from the following measures which are aimed at assisting VOs in the execution of their work.


Definition of a Voluntary Organisation from Cap. 492, Voluntary Organisations Act, (Part 1 Preliminary, Article 2):

  • “voluntary” in the context of a voluntary organisation means the existence of one or more of the following elements:
  • the overall control of the organisation is exercised by administrators who do not receive any remuneration for their services for carrying on functions of administrators except as hereunder permitted;
  • the organisation is created by the endowment of voluntary and gratuitous grants and the organisation’s affairs are supported, at least in part, by such voluntary or gratuitous grants or by services rendered on a voluntary basis;
  • subject to limitations due to the nature or size of the organisation and subject to any discretion which may be exercised in terms of the statute of an organisation by the administrators or a membership committee, any person can join the organisation or participate in the activities of the organisation; and
  • every participant in the organisation has the right to freely leave the organisation:


Provided that:

  • unless the statute provides otherwise, administrators may receive a reasonable honorarium for services rendered insofar as the payment of such honorarium does not materially prejudice the achievement of the purposes of the voluntary organisation;
  • the remuneration of persons who are employed to carry out management, executive or fundraising functions in a voluntary organisation shall not be such as to materially prejudice the achievement of the purposes of the voluntary organisation; and
  • the organisation may refund reasonable expenses to administrators, managers, executives, volunteers and other persons supporting the purposes of the organisation;
  • “voluntary organisation” means a foundation, a trust, an association of persons or a temporary organisation which is independent and autonomous and which qualifies under article 3