PR220515: Energy and water efficiency scheme for voluntary organisations launched

As of the second week of May, voluntary organisations can apply for the scheme issued by the Energy and Water Agency and Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector. With an investment of half a million euros, this scheme will assist voluntary organisations to invest in more efficient equipment and machinery.

Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli and Minister Miriam Dalli explained how voluntary organisations such as sports clubs, social support clubs and environmental organisations, amongst others, can benefit from assistance to buy modern energy and water use systems.

Voluntary organisations can apply for restoration of reservoirs, installation of a secondary distribution network for the use of harvested rainwater, as well as interventions aiming to adjust water flow, among other initiatives.
With this scheme, applicants can enhance their water heating systems, change machinery, and receive assistance towards more energy-efficient systems.

“Our aim is to have a sustainable society in each and every way possible, and it is truly a pleasure for us to assist whoever wants to be more sustainable during the day-to-day life. Meanwhile, as government, we ensure to be partners with all those who wish to bring this change towards a more sustainable island,” said Minister Miriam Dalli.

Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli added that the government will continue to invest in all 1,747 voluntary organisations in Malta. “The government had issued various environmental schemes aimed for voluntary organisations, whilst ensuring that these schemes will not only target socio-economic measures. Voluntary organisations are considered as the main stakeholders and a social asset in the upbringing of the Maltese society.”

Present for this launch were EWA CEO Manuel Sapiano, CEO of the Council for Voluntary Sector Mauro Pace Parascandalo and Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations Jesmond Saliba.

Those voluntary organisations interested in applying for this scheme can attend an online information session on Thursday 5th May.